🤓 TL;DR - Open Positions

<aside> 👉 Working at Jupe is awesome and we're doing big things for the Earth and the humans of Earth. **Open positions here.**


👋 Hi. So what problem are we solving?

1.5 billion people don't have access to adequate housing. That's a lot of people without a solid roof or a soft bed. Moreover, there's no way for 70 million of them to shelter temporarily when there's a hurricane, fire, or they are pushed out of their homes by political or climate crises. It’s a big problem and it’s worth working on.


🌎 Doing the Earth a solid

Directly tied to our mission around housing is our mission for the wider Earth where all these humans, for the time being, reside. The infrastructure associate with building homes and the wider built environment contributes almost 50% of all CO2. What if we could rethink infrastructure for our houses? We now produce fossil fuel-driven power, gather non-renewable water sources, connect our internet to cables, and pour concrete foundations. What if none of that were attached to the grid, could pop up anywhere, and move to anywhere?

🛸 What we're building.

We're building out a hardware and full stack software platform to go after the shelter problem for the world. Our platform will allow communities to move, scale and pop up anywhere on the face of the planet. We call this "universal autonomous housing" (UAH).

Our team has taken the first step towards this goal by making a flat packed structure that can ship anywhere, 12 on a single truck. Our core technology is in the 'chassis' system and the community-based software and IOT that allows us to modularize to all kinds of use cases.

Our MVP product is a solar-powered tent structure that pops up in a few hours, anywhere, and the software to find your happy place in nature.

🚚 This isn't vaporware - we've built and deployed over 80 off grid, high design rooms to over six sites in our first 10 months!. Here's a truck load of Jupes, flat packed, leaving our factory on a Wednesday (not a render):


🤯 And here's what those Jupes look like the next afternoon on site (not a render):